This amazingly pedestrian photograph of a red floral bush outside my apartment is the first image I ever shot in my Photo 101 class at Santa Monica College.  At the time, I was so proud that I didn't under/over expose the shot or ruin the film while processing it.  I successfully scanned the image and had joyous tears in my eyes when I printed it....

A red floral bush outside my apartment.  That was the subject of my very first photograph which I shot for my local Junior College's Photo 101 class.
After successfully going through the processing, scanning, and printing of this image, I was completely convinced that it was gallery-worthy.

Years later, I can say that this floral photograph is total crap.  However, it goes to show that you can come a long way with hard work, being humble, and knowing your first attempts at trying to be great will probably be more mediocre than not.

BUT.  Keep moving forward.  Giving up is not an option.  When you're pursuing your passion, it demands your 110% best.

So if you're dying to be a fill-in-the-blank, go for it.  With unabashed abandon.  Doors will open for you without you even needing to pry them open.  Pretty soon your work will rise above red floral bush photographs.

"Do or do not.  There is no try."  (Yoda's quote from "Star Wars," which is a movie that I've never seen.  I know – a thousand times more tragic than my very first photo!)