The Sublime "Submerged" Photo Shoot


Here's a compilation of Behind-the-Scene shots from my latest photo project, "Submerged." The assignment was for my awesome wallpaper client, Astek. (The last image I did for them won a Silver Award in Graphis' Photography 2015 Annual.) There's an embargo on the finalized photograph though, so I can't show it until mid-May after the ads get released to the public. So "Stay Tuned"!  ;-) Until then, I think these shots give you a sliver of the magic that everyone made happen on set....

HUGE THANKS for my AMAZING client, crew, talent, and studio team that made it all happen!

An overhead shot of the set, the team, and the lighting schematic (two softbox lights, one grided and diffused key light).  Oh, and of my client's lovely jeans and shoes!  ;-)

My magnificent makeup artist, Kat, in the beginning stages of making my beautiful model, Faith, look "Submerged" -- more to follow!

Anthony is the freakin' talent behind the talent behind the talent behind the talent (I have no idea what that means; I just want to emphasize how incredibly talented he is!).

Sadly Bao Tranchi -- yet another talent on my team -- was unable to make the shoot, so her lovely assistant, Adriana, came as her fill-in!  This skirt Bao made was 7-feet long and 7 thousand times gorgeous!!!

Crew hard at work, doing last-minute hair and makeup finessing on set.

And here we all are, with the photos coming to life on the computer.

Ha!  Here's a teaser for ya!  Like I said, there's an embargo on the final photograph, so to be continued!!!