Yet More Graphis Wins?


I am most excited to share that Graphis just notified me again, telling me that I'm a contender for not one, but TWO of my photographs for publication in their prestigious 2015 Photography Annual!  Attached is one of the photos they're considering, entitled "Modern Nature."  

I shot "Modern Nature" over the summer for Astek, a world leading provider of wallcovering and contract printing.  Astek was interested in having me showcase their special service of custom designs.  In particular, they wanted me to highlight a wallpaper design from their Lavish Collection.  

I chose to photograph the Lavish design, “Lumiere.”  Focusing on a study of textured brushstrokes, the wallpaper had a Van Gough quality to it.  I immediately responded to this and invented a nature-driven idea, inspired by the windy-looking wallpaper.  This image plays off the concept of Mother Nature with the model nurturing an egg in her hand to represent life (Astek’s tagline is “Bring Design to Life”).

Astek was quite happy with the image, and it's been featured as an ad in Interior Design Magazine.  I'm sending positive out positive vibes that it will be published in Graphis' 2015 Photography Annual as well!  (The other photograph in the running is "Ecce Homo: Behold the Man," which is the 4th image of a scarred man featured in "Portfolio I" on my site.)