I love the way people respond to my conceptual photography.  Like it or hate it, they always have an opinion on it.  I’ll be brutally honest – my work is not for everyone.  Appreciate magical realism?  Have an active imagination?  Possess an attraction to drama and the absurd?  Enjoy images lingering in your mind long after you’ve seen them?  If so, welcome to the elite fold – my photography is the perfect match for you.

I remember my first crush when I was 12 years old.  It wasn’t on a boy in grade school; Fred was so much more than that.  He had flawless biceps, ripped abs, chiseled cheekbones and smoldering eyes.  Never mind the fact that he was years older than me.  As he gripped onto two tires and stared at me with as much passion as I stared at him, I cherished him in my poster of Herb Ritts’ photograph, “Fred with Tires".  

It was my first introduction to photography, and I began collecting as many black and white photographs from Herb Ritts and Bruce Weber that I could.  I couldn’t take a picture to save my life though – that was to come later.  But I could write.  And write I did, all through school and ever since.

Fast forward to today.  I have successfully merged my love of photography with my love of writing.  I enjoy creating characters and photographing them in story-like scenarios.  Each of my characters has their own personality, their own little twist.  I’d rather clean grout with a toothbrush for a living than shoot dull models against boring white backgrounds.  (Now I'm not a model, so I can get away with my portrait being against a boring white background.)

As for my poster of “Fred with Tires,” it’s been retired to my closet.
Since then, I’ve been drawn to work that isn’t just stunning, but carries a message as well.  Photographing beauty with a twist makes my imagery special…unique…and dare I say magical.


Photo:  Shawn Michienzi